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Visual Innovation

Blindness is the most feared human disability.

Each year, more than 185,000 cases of blindness caused by corneal problems are cured by traditional forms of transplantation.

12.7 millions cases are currently waiting for transplantation, and at least 8000 per year are destined to fail. Eeither because they cannot be treated by traditional methods or because of lack of donors.
Our research is creating the Alternative.


The main problems associated with traditional corneal transplantation are related to immune reactions of rejection, endothelial decay, infection or others similar problems. The innovative solution we propose, as a result of the application of lateral thinking supported by scientific progress and our new findings, is the development and use of an hybrid intracorneal device.

Our hybrid intracorneal device is

EXTRA OCULAR safe implantation

STABLE for storage > 6 month

TRANSPARENT for light transmission

ACELLULAR no immune rejection

BIOLOGIC for bio-integration

BARRIER for globe integrity

INDEPENDENT of endothelial function

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